Križevci College of Agriculture (KCA) belongs to the oldest higher education institution in Croatia in the field of agriculture, established in 1860. The College delivers HE study courses, having professional  programme orientation: 6-semester Bachelor degree courses and 4-semester Master or specialist courses (Agriculture and Management in Agriculture).  The courses are designed to give students an opportunity to undertake a range of modules that will result in knowledge of farm business management, livestock raising and crop production. 

The Bachelor's degree course runs over a peroid of six semesters. During the first two semesters students complete foundation courses which give them a thorough grounding in all aspects of agricultural disciplines. In Semester 3, 4 and 5 students are required to specialise by selecting several options and by taking  seminar courses. In Semester 6 students must complete an 12-week placement in a related field.  They conclude their degree course by submitting a Bachelor's Thesis and passing a viva with a presentation.

Now that we hold Erasmus  Charter for Higher Eduaction 2014-2020, we have developed international cooperation with higher education institution under Erasmus+  mobility programme -  KA1 and KA2 activities.The College currently has links with institutions in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, and United Kingdom. A couple of years ago KCA had a TEMPUS JEP project aiming at developing new study courses, both Bachelor and Master level with partners from UK (Harper Adams University) and from the Netherlands (Van Hall Larenstein).

We maintain partnerships with several universities and companies in Europe and  welcome international students interested in  doing a traineeship or work placement at our college. The College also facilitates students' plans for studying or doing an internship abroad. An increasing number of KCA students use their regular final year traineeship semester as an opportunity to gain international work experience. KCA in particular welcomes incoming and outgoing staff mobility.

Here are some points that we would like to add:

1) Križevci College of Agriculture is interested in developing cooperation in the field of plant production, livestock raising and management in agriculture, sustainable and organic agriculture.

2) KCA does not offer courses in English yet for incoming Erasmus+ and international students, although some individual modules can be offered to individual student through consultations. We can offer Erasmus+ work placement or traineeship  with competent tutors as we have a farm of 90 ha  with modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories for agro-chemistry and soil science, enology and seed quality testing, also units of different farm animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. We have a good cooperation with National Laboratory for Milk QualityTesting (close to our College) where a part of traineeship programme can be done. 

3)  KCA accepts incoming students preferably in spring semester.

4)  KCA can accept incoming staff for both teaching and training purposes.